San Carlos Real Estate | What Does a Home Warranty Policy Cover?

Selling an older home? Add a home warranty!
Selling an older home? Add a home warranty!

Homes need maintenance. Things go wrong. Plumbing, electrical, furnace, appliances, etc. A home warranty insurance policy is available to cover unexpected maintenance costs.

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What is Typically Covered?

Appliances and systems, where systems are aspects of your homes infrastructure. Examples are plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, ventilation (bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans), etc.

What is Typically Not Covered?

Structural issues are typically not covered. Examples are wood rot in your flooring or walls, or a leaky roof. These are typically outside the coverage of a home warranty policy.

Who Typically Buys One?

Let me first state that the buyer benefits from the home warranty and should consider buying one even if the seller does not provide one. Having said that, many sellers provide a home warranty as part of the deal to make their home more attractive to prospective buyers.

As a Buyer, Why Do You Want One?

Simply put, peace of mind. You know that if you experience a failure of a covered item, your out of pocket expense will be your deductible. You will NOT need to make emergency repairs on your fridge (or replace it) as an out of pocket expense.

It makes your home more attractive to prospective home buyers. Although it may feel funny to buy an insurance policy that benefits the buyer, what you’re really doing is adding to the value of your property and making it more attractive when compared to properties that do not come with one.

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